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About MAHS

Image of some MAHS members ready to go

The Maritime Archaeological and Historical Society (MAHS) is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization committed to enhancing public awareness and appreciation of historic shipwreck preservation and the science of maritime archeology. MAHS is governed by a board of directors and guided by an advisory committee of professional archeologists and historians. It is the first volunteer group to be extended associate membership on the Advisory Council for Underwater Archeology of the Society for Historical Archeology.


MAHS actively supports the documentation and preservation of our global maritime heritage and provides opportunities for members to serve, learn and develop skills in the fields of maritime history and archeology. Major activities of the society include:


MAHS' membership includes both divers and non-divers, united in the goal of preserving our maritime heritage. Members come from all walks of life and include engineers, historians, educators, medical and diving professionals, archeologists, conservationists, cartographers, photographers, authors, and skilled tradespeople. While most members are graduates of MAHS' Introductory Course in Underwater Archaeology, completion of that course or the related field school is not a membership requirement.